The "Mystery" of compression therapy

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Oh my goodness, another type of garment? Don't we already have enough stuff to put on our body parts? 

Most people understand what compression hosiery is and why it's therapeutic and how it works but not alot of people are wearing them until it's too late. Meaning, they don't wear it until something happens to them and their doctor tells them to. By then, they would have to put on the more serious type of higher level compression hosiery or have developed venous disorders which could have been prevented. I'm not saying that everyone should wear compression hosiery. But there are groups of people with certain lifestyles and jobs that would find compression hosiery beneficial to them on a frequent basis.

But really, how it works is a mystery to some as you can't see the hosiery working visibly. It's not a gadget with buttons. It's something the wearer experiences. Compression hosiery is made with durable, elastic material that is woven according to the level of compression needed for therapy. This is why compression hosiery is difficult to put on if you wear it like an ordinary sock or stocking. There is a special and easy to learn method to put them on fast and easy here. If you understand the science and studies done on this hosiery, why it works will no longer be a mystery! It's a simple mechanism of easing blood flow when gravity takes a toll on it.

"Compression hosiery" sounds like something for old or injured people. The fact is, compression hosiery comes in different grades of compression strength. Yes, some are for old or injured people while others are for relieving tired legs, enhancing muscle recovery, improving blood circulation, preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and varicose veins.

The concept of compression hosiery isn't something modern or new. What's new, is peoples' understanding of how it can help them maintain healthy legs. More athletes are using compression sports socks to enhance muscle recovery after strenuous training. More people with occupations involving standing, sitting or running for a long period of time are turning to compression legwear to relieve their tired, aching legs. 

It may not be a fancy gadget with buttons to start mechanisms to message your legs, but it does have its benefits that the user experiences over time. Wearing compression hosiery has become more popular as brands have started to pop up, designing their own stylish compression legwear. They look like stylish socks and stockings but with the benefits of compression therapy. The great thing about it I think, is that this would encourage more people to wear it because it doesn't look awful.

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