Nurses' Leg Problems And How We Help

We have been providing nurses with an affordable and reliable solution to their tired aching legs and varicose veins since 2015. We have spoken to many nurses and we understand that both males and females alike have similar leg problems and would love an easy solution to improve their leg health!

Varicose veins are a common issue among more senior nurses after many years of standing and walking for prolong periods of time. Leg veins start to weaken and expand, causing poor blood flow and pooling around the legs. This causes unsightly varicose veins and tired heavy legs.

We partner with the Singapore Nurses Association to offer all their members a special discount to purchase our products conveniently, affordably and with proper customer support.

Our range of nudes and blacks are perfect for nursing attire to help nurses look professional and stylish at work. Nursing is a life long profession and we want to help nurses have an affordable, reliable and convenient solution to better leg health. Our compression socks and stockings eliminate tired heavy legs, improve blood circulation and these result in legs feeling less tired at the end of each day and the prevention of varicose veins or such veins from getting worse.