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3 Ways Compression Socks Help Leg Health

When you think of leg health, you think of exercise and muscle tone. It's time to go beyond that and think about BLOOD CIRCULATION. Just because you don't have an exercise regime or aim to have toned legs, it doesn't mean that your leg health will have to suffer.

3 Ways Compression Socks Help Leg Health

1. They aid in blood circulation by constricting veins to reduce their diameter in order to aid blood flow back to the heart. This helps improve oxygen delivery as well and helps to eliminate leg swelling during pregnancy and on long flights.

2. They prevent the formation or worsening of varicose veins. Varicose veins are a sign of poor blood circulation and are formed because of prolong standing or walking. Weak veins expand and blood circulation is weakened. Compression socks constrict these veins to improve blood circulation and prevent them from expanding further.

3. They prolong leg muscle performance as they aid in the removal of lactic acid, which is released by the body to slow down muscle performance.