Why It Works

Why Compression Stockings Aid Blood Flow

Wearing the right type of compression hosiery for your needs can be beneficial for your overall sports performance and as well as your leg health be it while pregnant, while performing your job and while travelling.

To find the right type of compression hosiery, please get familiar with the types of compression levels here and how to take measurements so that you find the right size for you to feel the best therapeutic effects. Tips on how to take measurements here

How long to wear compression socks? Wear your compression legwear all day, everyday. Regular usage is essential for effective compression therapy. Tips on how to care for your compression legwear here and how to wear them here


Nurse Cheung Discusses Why Nurses Wear Compression Stockings


Health Benefits / Benefits Of Compression Socks For Nurses:

  • Reduce leg discomfort by reducing heaviness and tiredness
  • Energize fatigue legs
  • Relieve and prevent leg swelling
  • Prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during long hours of travelling
  • To treat leg conditions as directed by a physician
  • Improve blood circulation in the legs by aiding blood flow from the legs to the heart and back

Beauty benefits:

  • Provide the appearance of long, lean legs
  • Pantyhose helps to shape the bum and thighs
  • Prevent further formation of varicose veins and other venous disorders

The common symptoms of tired legs are:

  • Swelling at the ankles
  • Tightness of the calves
  • Feeling of heaviness, restlessness and/or ache in the legs
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Varicose veins
  • Itchiness of the skin

How Do Compression Socks Work For Swelling

The strongest pressure is applied at the ankles and subsequently
decreases up the legs.

The results are:
- Reduction of diameter of superficial and deep veins.
- Reviving functionality of the valves by constricting vein diameter.
- Improved lymphatic micro circulation.
- Increased circulation at the level of the skin.



Wear compression hosiery to relieve tired legs and venous disorders.

It helps to improve blood circulation in the legs, relieving them of pressure by applying firm, continuous, graduated pressure to muscles and veins in the legs, resulting in the legs feeling energized.

Compression hosiery also helps prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) during travelling periods of more than six hours.