SINCE 2015

Who better to shop with than the expert!

"We are compression socks experts based in Singapore. We specialize in extremely comfortable compression hosiery and helping people incorporate it into their lives fashionably." - Sarah, Co-Founder


Before they started Soul Legs, Co-Founders Sarah and Winnie noticed that in Singapore it wasn't easy to find quality compression socks sold at affordable prices with proper customer service so that people could buy these products with peace of mind knowing that the product will work for them and that there will be proper support should they need help.


Convenience. Quality products. Excellent customer service.

They set out to partner with a world leading compression socks manufacturer to sell their quality products at everyday prices, coupled with the convenience of online shopping and excellent customer service. We aim to be a leader in the compression socks market with our knowledge, products and customer service, because who better to shop with than the experts!

All our products are manufactured by one of the world's largest producers of compression hosiery that is ISO 9001:2008 and FDA registered. It houses a state of the art quality control laboratory with compression testing equipment to meet the highest possible compression quality standards

Since 2015, we have helped nurses get better and more affordable leg compression to help improve their leg health, as their job involves them walking and standing for many hours a day. Teaming up with the Singapore Nurses Association, we offer their members a special discount for our products.

Check out our Look Book for styling ideas. Shop for extremely comfortable compression legwear on-the-go and have them delivered to you. Our friendly customer service is always on standby to help you understand our products better.

Our specialty: Medical compression stockings in Singapore, varicose veins stockings, travel compression socks, compression stockings for nurses, compression stockings for pregnancy.