Get familiar with ABC and DVT

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Our mantra at Soul Legs is "ABC" which stands for Aid Blood Circulation.

A healthy blood circulation can help prevent alot of discomfort and health problems. Muscle contraction actually helps in blood circulation and if you have little of that, blood tends to pool around the legs, especially at the ankles, this may result in blood clotting. Most doctors advise patients who are confined to a bed after surgery, to wear compression legwear. Since they are unable to move and contract their muscles, compression legwear helps to narrow the diameter of veins in order to enhance blood flow from the legs back to the heart.

This video is a really good illustration of how poor blood circulation causes blood clots. What an eye opener! The owner of the video disabled the embedding code, so I'm not able to post the video in this page for you to watch. However, please click to watch here

Soul Legs compression is Fast-Lasting Relief for travellers

We want to help frequent travellers have a more comfortable journey while sitting on a plane or in a car or a train for many hours. Soul Legs compression legwear is a medical grade class 2 compression 15-20mmHG, which serves to give you Fast-Lasting Relief. This means the therapeutic effects take place within a few minutes and if used consistently, your legs will feel lasting relief! Learn more about compression levels here

Tip: Tight compression socks cut off circulation, choose wisely.

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