Health Is More Than A Lifestyle

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We're all wrapped up in the idea of a "Healthy Lifestyle" but it's so hard to follow this. Should we feel guilty about it?

I think health is more than a lifestyle. A lifestyle is a way of life you adopt and living healthy every day isn't exactly appealing for many. But our health is a state of wellbeing.

A healthy mind, a healthy soul and a healthy body. What this does for us improves our lives in many ways:

It's a mood changer - You think more positively, you find solutions instead of dwell on problems, you aim for success and you become better at what you do.

Stronger relationships - You have better relationships with people you work with, your family, your spouse or partner and your friends. Being healthy, you become stronger emotionally and you find it easier to be there for people.

Thinking clearly - A healthy body and healthy mind helps you think clearer about everything. You don't let emotions cloud your judgement. You may even seek the opinion of others to help you see a broader perspective.

It makes you happy - Happiness isn't about smiling and jumping in the air. Happiness is feeling grateful and excited about the things in your life, even if they aren't smooth sailing.

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Sarah - Editor, Soul Legs blog