How To Travel Comfy & Healthy

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Unless you have the luxury of travelling business or first class, have express immigration privilege, a chauffeur and everything arranged for you right down to the meals that best keep you well and an assistant that takes care of your every need - Then you will have to find ways to keep healthy and comfy while travelling.

Travelling for hours on a plane in economy class, in a cramp bus or in a small car is extremely uncomfortable and we tend to have our tricks on how to make it more comfortable. A neck pillow, blanket, eye shades, headphones etc. But what about the swelling ankles and aching legs that you can't seem to shake off even when you get up to walk around the plane? Why is this happening?

Factors like cabin pressure, dehydration, alcohol, medication and poor health contribute to these leg symptoms because of poor blood circulation from the ankles to the heart. So wearing a pair of Soul Legs travel compression socks Singapore help eliminate these leg problems as they are made with the optimal compression strength to aid blood circulation, if you don't have any serious medical conditions. When in doubt, it's best to ask your doctor about the best compression strength that will work for you.

Eating well is something we tend to lose sight of while we travel. We eat on the go and the meals aren't always nutritious. So remember to take time to eat one nutritious meal a day.

What about your mind? Are you stressed and irritable? Or are you simply feeling drained? It's important to keep your mind healthy while you travel. Watch a show on the plane that makes you laugh, meditate and upon arrival at your destination, schedule a visit to see some greenery at a beautiful park or in the countryside. Being with nature is good for the soul.


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