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We've been in business since August 2015 and have had the chance to speak to many people about their curiosity about compression socks in general. One thing that comes across pretty often is people commenting that our compression socks are so stylish and different from their idea of what a compression sock or stocking would look like. That they expect it to look "medical" and not fashionable. That the stockings should be thick and opaque instead of sheer and the socks should only come in black or nude.

Compression socks and stockings have become commoditized, just like pants. Yet, choosing a pair of pants goes beyond practicality. You consider the material, the stitching, the fit, the comfort etc. It's the same for compression socks.

It's All In The Weaving Technology

We pride ourselves on selling extremely comfortable compression socks and stockings and it really doesn't hurt that they look fashionable, just like normal socks and stockings. We're able to do this because of advanced weaving technology that gives you the therapeutic effects of leg compression and also using materials and designs that do not result in a hosiery that looks like a medical accessory.

We hope that this would encourage more people to wear compression socks and stockings because of the benefits they bring:

- Eliminate leg swelling while travelling on planes, buses, cars, trains etc.

- Eliminate leg swelling during pregnancy.

- Eliminate leg swelling while working (Standing, walking or sitting for many hours)

- Better muscle recovery and performance during sports.

- Prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

And many more benefits!

The next time you have a horrible impression of compression socks, come check us out to understand what new compression technology is all about and how this age old remedy has taken on a new twist. Visit our site for info, videos, pictures and everything you need to know about choosing a pair, caring for one, putting one on and what they can do for you.



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