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Yes! The are different levels of compression in the world of compression socks. Understanding this will help you determine what you need in order to achieve the results you desire. You are probably wondering, how much is too much and how little is too little?

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Why are there so many levels? The purpose of wearing compression socks is to increase blood circulation by narrowing the diameter of veins in order to push blood pooled around the ankles to flow up to the heart and the lungs for better oxygen delivery and lactic acid removal. If blood remains stagnant in the ankles for too long, a person may suffer from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which can be life threatening.

If you are confined to bed rest for an extended period of time or are recovering from surgery, a high level of compression is needed to help push the blood as immobility causes the blood to pool at the ankles. If you have healthy legs but are looking for some form of relief for swollen legs or to enhance leg performance during sports, a lighter compression can be used as there is mobility, blood is flowing but the compression is worn to enhance blood flow to rejuvenate legs and prevent blood pooling which acts as prevention of DVT.

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