Athletic Compression Sports Socks - SOUL LEGS 15 - 20mmHG

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"We're using your yellow and pink compression and can confirm it definitely works! Been wearing it for all my events and people are asking." - Marathon enthusiast & organizer. Read blogger review

Compression sports socks with advanced sports compression technology designed to improve blood circulation for lactic acid removal and oxygen delivery enhancing leg performance and muscle recovery. Moderate compression with superior sweat absorption and anti-microbial fabric, latex free with flat toe seams for maximum comfort. Enhanced cushioning at pressure points to absorb muscle vibration. Athletic compression socks suitable for use during pregnancy.

- Best compression socks for running
- Compression socks running benefits: Improved blood circulation, lactic acid removal
- Wear it for warm-up before sports to enhance muscle performance during sports
- Wear it after sports for better muscle recovery
- Night running: Neon colors enhance your safety by improving your visibility to motorists
- Compression socks for varicose veins


  • Product by Soul Legs
  • ISO 9001:2008 and FDA registered 
  • Extra cushioning at pressure points - Around heels and under toes
  • Minimal internal seams to avoid blisters
  • Graduated compression: Tightest at ankle and looser above
  • Comfortable top band holds without binding
  • Extra soft material
  • Superior sweat absorption and antimicrobial fabric
  • Material composition: 75% nylon, 13% spandex, 12% polyester
  • Latex free

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