AIRCAST Aircell Compression Armband

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  • Focused compression on the affected area for maximum pain relief and unrestricted mobility.

The Aircast armband is versatile and extendable, providing compression to give you immediate relief of muscle discomfort and pain. It uses aircell technology with a single pre-inflated aircell to concentrate compression directly on the affected muscle, for more support and less constriction, to focus compression where it is needed most. It conforms to your arm's contour and comfortably cushions the sensitive injured muscle. A simple design made with breathable material making it very comfortable to wear even during physical activity.

- For injured or sensitive arm muscle near the elbow due to heavy lifting, physical activity on the arm, tennis, golf, weight lifting, rowing and any activity that causes pain of the extensor muscle.

- Suitable for daily use.

- Arm muscle support near the elbow.


- Temporary relief of pain, inflammation and discomfort of the muscle during physical activity.

- One size with an extendable strap.

- Focused compression for less constriction.

- Breathable material enhances comfort.

- Easy to us, simple, effective design