DONJOY Genuforce Compression Knee Sleeve

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German Engineering & Knitting Technology

  • Knitted knee sleeve provides compression knee support and comfort
  • Massaging effect

The DonJoy Genuforce compression knee sleeve provides 3D contoured compression knee support and comfort. It is silicone lined for non-slip grip and designed for targeted knee compression support. The soft, breathable material and knitted pattern of the sleeve help ensure comfort and wrinkle-free movement. The flexible silicone buttress maintains the patella in position and provides a massaging effect.

    - Knee pain from physical activity, chronic soft tissue inflammation, recurrent swelling or load-related pain, chronic instability, mild ligament injuries, meniscus injuries
    - Post-operative or post-trauma use

    - Temporary relief of pain, inflammation and discomfort of the knee

    - Knitted knee sleeve provides compression support and comfort


  • - 3D contoured knit for effective compression
  • - Anatomically contoured design with targeted knee compression and support
  • - Wrinkle-free, non-slip fit for comfortable wear
  • - Breathable material