DONJOY Malleoforce Ankle Compression Sleeve

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German Engineering & Knitting Technology

  • Ankle sleeve for compression ankle support and pain relief
  • Massaging effect

The DonJoy Malleoforce compression ankle sleeve is made with 3D contoured knit for effective compression and provides an ideal fit. The anatomically aligned silicone inserts give compression support around the ankle joint. The softness of the material and knitting pattern provide flexible and comfortable ankle movement. Anatomically shaped silicone inserts protect the malleoli and provide a massaging effect.

    • Ankle pain caused by sprains, physical activity, chronic soft tissue inflammation, chronic instability, moderate ligament injuries, recurrent swelling, load-related pain in the foot and ankle
    • Post-operative or post-traumatic use
    • Temporary relief of pain, inflammation and discomfort of the ankle
    • Knitted ankle sleeve and silicone supports provides compression and comfort


    • 3D contoured knit for effective compression
    • Anatomically contoured design with targeted compression and support
    • Wrinkle-free, non-slip fit for comfortable wear
    • Breathable material